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The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting




Our Vision

The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting (The Alliance) is a partnership of churches and mission agencies whose goal is to facilitate the multiplication of churches in the twenty-seven countries of formerly communist Eurasia.

Our vision is for every man, woman, and child to have an opportunity to meaningfully hear and see the Gospel in their community, in their language, through a local, multiplying evangelical church.


Our Distinctives

Best Practices for Alliance partners . . .

Alliance partners embrace the SCP vision; they pursue a strategy of helping nationals plant multiplying churches. Alliance partners make concrete contributions to The Alliance (participation) and identify as Alliance partners (ownership).

Beyond this basic expectation, the partnership encourages certain practices and behaviors among its partners. In the context of its Kingdom relationships, its organizational calling and the gifting of it people, Alliance partners agree that the following practices will best assist SCP movements in post-communist Eurasia:

  1. Agree–Alliance partners agree with evangelical distinctives as described in the Lausanne Covenant.

  2. Facilitate–Alliance partners work with existing and/or emerging indigenous churches in a way that helps them foster and participate in SCP movements. Alliance-related facilitators see themselves as servants and encouragers of nationals who locally own the saturation church planting vision. Alliance facilitators engage the whole body of Christ for church multiplication.

  3. Multiply–Alliance partners work toward methods and models (for example, house churches, cell groups or lay ministry empowerment) that will lead to natural reproduction. Multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches is the engine by which the goal of saturation church planting will be achieved.

  4. Work SCP elements–Alliance partners work so that certain elements will feed SCP movements. These elements include mobilized prayer for church planting, empowering research that fuels SCP, fruitful training and mentoring of national church planters and continually casting vision for church multiplication.

  5. Partner–Alliance partners work together whenever possible capitalizing on the strengths of different organizations and the gifting of their people. Alliance partners recognize that working together models the kind of cooperation that helps fuel church planting movements. They focus on what they have in common with other partners while maintaining their distinctives. The Alliance does not serve as a missionary sending agency. Cross-cultural workers associated with The Alliance retain their accountability to their sending church or agency.

  6. Resource–Alliance partners actively contribute what is dear to them–people, money, materials, time, credibility and networks for SCP facilitation efforts.

  7. Clarify–Alliance partners have clear identity and vision. They know why they exist and know how they can contribute to SCP facilitation. Partners with the clearest understanding of themselves know best how they contribute to and benefit from the partnership.

  8. Advocate–Alliance partners identify at least one partnership advocate from within their own ranks that will "champion" the cause and vision of The Alliance within each organization. These advocates are convinced of the value of SCP and promote The Alliance partnership among their colleagues.


Please print the Agreement below (click here for a printer-friendly version), fill it out,
make a copy for yourself and return original to your choice:

The Alliance For Saturation Church Planting

P.O. Box 843
CO 80132-0843 USA

Fax 1-(719)-488-8019
Tel. 1-(800)-649-2440

E-mail North America Office

H-1111 Budapest,
Budafoki út 34/B III/2

Fax +(36-1) 365-6406
Tel. +(36-1) 466-5978 and 385-8199

E-mail Europe Office




This agreement remains in effect until dissolved by one or both parties.

Alliance partners agree to promptly follow the spirit and principles of Matthew 18 when resolving conflict.


Name of Agency or Church _______________________________________________________

PositionAlliance Advocate _______________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

Phone (    ) ________________________________

Fax (    ) __________________________________

E-mail ____________________________________

Website ___________________________________

Signature for Agency or Church ____________________________________________________

Date _____________________________________


(Please indicate in which way(s) your church or agency wishes to partner with The Alliance.)



We will attempt to recruit and send long term and/or recurring short term personnel to our selected geographic area. The specific geographical area(s) in which we wish to partner within The Alliance is:


We understand that this is an agreement of intent, and that, in some cases, we may share responsibilities in this area with other partners of The Alliance. We are willing to begin to implement this agreement and to adjust/share our involvement as necessary when circumstances or personnel change.



The specific contribution(s) and commitment which we are making to The Alliance is



(Please check ANY of the options below that you anticipate pursuing)

  • We will select/adopt one of the countries or areas in which The Alliance works and make it a special project for interest and prayer.
  • We will support the work and goals of The Alliance by providing financial support to the work in a specific country or area.
  • We will lead and/or cooperate with the formation of a coalition in our area that will attempt to field a resident team(s), and we will attempt to find people who may be able to join the coalition's team.
  • We will provide at least one person to help with prayer mobilization, strategic research, the training and mentoring of national church planters and pastors, and evangelism linked to starting churches that will be available from time to time to work with these efforts on our selected field(s).
  • We will look for ways in which we can become more fully involved in the future with The Alliance.

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