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Remarks by Boris Trajkovski, President, the Republic of Macedonia . . .
to a multi-denominational gathering of church leaders and their wives in Skopje on October 14, 2003 . . .

"I know that we come from different denominations but in Jesus Christ we are the same. Our common denominator is that we can all say that we know the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and I can say myself that He is my Lord and Savior.

"But we need to remember one thing, that we need continual prayer and to put aside all of our differences. And when we stand on His Word, we need to be unified to encourage each other and pray for each other because that is when we are victorious and we win souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to be unified as it says in Psalms 133:1: 'How good it is and how pleasant it is when brothers live together'.

"For our fight is a spiritual one. Paul wrote to the Ephesians as well - 'we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers, principalities and authorities in high places and places of darkness against the spiritual heavenly powers.' Now that we know we know that our battle is spiritual - it is that much more important that we fellowship together in prayer because we need to encourage one another as we do today.

"For myself I have to say in the past that unfortunately I did not spend enough time with you and I can say partially I can say that is because I have been the President and have to deal with government issues but that does not excuse me and of course I am partially guilty of this. But regardless of the reasons I want to tell you I want to tell you one thing: I long for your company, for your fellowship and I would like to confess personally in front of you. I just know one thing - it is very difficult to be the President. It is not an easy job. It is laborious and I feel very lonely sometimes and it is draining.

"What I desire for my country that the key of the transformations of Macedonia can happen only through Jesus Christ through encouraging people to know the Lord Jesus and I know the only way to do this is through continual prayer. Not only of the believers but of the priesthood, the leaders, and of course I will join you in these efforts and I know you will do as well.

"We can see the transformation in Macedonia just as we see many transformations and changes in the world - and the Lord proves Himself faithful. With my brothers we had the chance to see this on the Transformations video in my cabinet. The Lord Jesus Christ does miracles. Even though we see this hatred, the changes start within us. Ours is to preach and to share and the Lord will do the rest."



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